How to get here

The Event will take place in Mondego River, right in the city center of Coimbra, where the local canoeing club headquarters is located. 

lt is one of the biggest green areas of the city and where Mondego river is normally calm and not very deep.
The venue will also include some of the nautical buildings of this area, as well as the public school, less than 1 DO meters away. The venue will occupy a total area of 48.000m2 including the teams area, the school and the 4 competition pitches.


Coimbra is reachable from the north and south of the country by car, train or bus, from major cities like O porto or Lisbon. By car you should take the A 1 Highway until km 200 and take the exit Coimbra North and then follow the city center signs. For the train the best affordable and convenient service, please use Coimbra B station, around 3,5km walking distance from the venue. Bus stop is slightly closer to the venue. 


GPS: N 41 °14, 19", W 8° 40, 14", N 41 14.328 W 8 40.234

The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is located in the heart of the industrial north of the country, 11 km from the city of Oporto, making it a privileged access point to this valuable commercial area. 

lt is less than 150km away from the Venue in Coimbra.The travel time by bus is around 1 hour and 30 minutes.


GPS: N 38° 46' 12", W 9° 07' 41" 

Providing service to the capital of Portugal, is the busiest and most important airport in the country and the principal point of entry for travellers arriving in Portugal. There is a connection to the city centre and interface with Railway Stations by aero shuttle and bus. The train also connects Lisbon to Coimbra. 

Both airports receive daily flights from low cost companies like Ryanair and Easyjet, among others, from all over European cities.


The organization will provide airport transfers from Oporto for a fee of €17,5 per person, each way.
lf your team arrives to Lisbon a fee of €25 per person will be applied, each way.

Custom prices and solutions can be applied if your group is smaller than 3 persons.

ln case the final travel info of your entire team is not sent to the Organizing Committee until 26th of July the cost will increase to €20 from Porto and to €30 from Lisbon each way.
Sarne policy can be applied concerning the late information on the departure information.


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