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Portugal is known for its hot and dry weather in the summer, especially in the month of August, with temperatures that can reach 40° C during the hottest days. 

Being Coimbra not far for the ocean, the high temperatures are normally accompanied by a crool breeze during this season.
During the event and being already last days of August we expect temperatures not to go above 30° C during the peak of each day, around 12:00.
Some wind in the river can be felt during the afternoons.



All team entries [numerical and nominal] l must be made on line through SDP system from ICF.

Entries can only be submitted by the National Federation through the on line entries system SDP by the specified closing date [midnight European time/ European summer time GMT + 1 or GMT +2].
Anyone having issues accessing the system or with the entries should contact Narelle Henderson at ICF HQ at [email protected]

The preliminary entries, travel and accommodation requests must be done at using your NF' s Login and password. If you don·t have a user already you must register first.

We will need to be provided with a proof of being someone from the NF's to contact us. NFs officials emails will help this procedure.

After the approval from the organization you will receive a new email with your login details and you are ready to proceed.

lf you have any question concerning this entry system please contact [email protected]

The entries system will be on line and available in following dates 
At SDP system
Deadline for nominal entries: 3 of July according to the ICF rules [8 weeks before the event.
Changes will be possible until 31 of July.

Preliminary entries from February 2019 to 1 of June 2019
Accommodation: Opens in February 2019
Travel info: Opens in February 2019 and must be sent until 26th of July the latest.


The participating fee will be 210€ per person for the full participation of each team.
All members of the team must pay this fee.
This fee applies according to arrivals from Monday (26th of Augustl to Sunday (01 st of Septemberl. Teams arriving later, will only pay the respective percentage.

The  fee includes:
Free drinkable water at the venue;
Accreditation costs;
Transport by shuttle busses between venue and accommodation;
Of the venue and its facilities;
Medical care at the venue;
Security service at the venue;
Security service at the area;
Access to other miscellaneous services and equipment at the venue.

The participation fee does not include the airport transportation system. For more info please check page 11 of this bulletin.

The Participation Fee will not be charged to ECA Officers [including ECA Jury, Technical Officials, ECA Sponsors and Suppliers, Board of Directors, ECA Headquarters Staff]. ECA future European Championships organizers up to 4 people from each organizing committee, NF Presidents and Secretary Generals as registered with the ICF SDP system, not part of the NF team management.

The Participating fee is not included in the given prices for our accommodation and meals packages.
Teams not Booking accommodation through the organizing committee may reserve lunch at the venue.
Price for lunch will be €10 PersonlDay. Booking must be made with the Teams Management Service at info point or directly by email to [email protected].


Lodging options

The Organizing Committee has established protocols with most of the hotels in Coimbra City to provide several options for accommodation and assure reasonable rates.
The main focus for accommodation are hotels dose to the venue
We have pre-booked more than 600 beds in a total of 7 hotels.
All the Hotels are the best option in the city, considering many aspects, including distance to the venue and general quality of the accommodations.

More information in the 1st Bulletin of the event.


Transport System
Besides the Airport shuttle, described already in this document we will supply daily shuttle service from choosen hotel to the venue and return. 

Timetable will be provided at least 15 days before the event week.
Only accredited persons from teams may use this transportation system.
Our plan is to have 6 to 1 O daily transfers to the official hotels. Most of them are less than 5 minutes away from the venue.

Insurance and Medical Care
The event will be covered by a civil responsibility insurance in case of damage of 3rd party elements at the venue. 

All hospital services provided in our public health care service must be paid directly by the athlete or by the National Federation he/she represents.
Medical assistance at the venue will be provided for first aid and it is included in the daily fee. Urgent or more complicated cases will be taken into hospital. Transport service will be under the organizing committee responsability.

Visa information
Portugal is a member-Stat of the European Union. lf your Nation is one of the following you should contact [email protected] and ask for an invitation letter, by providing the names and passport info of each person to apply for Visa. 

Our Organizing committee will only provi de invitation letter to persons registered in the sdp system and in this event.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


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